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Molly Weasley - wandsandorder Full name: Molly Lorna Weasley (nee Prewett)
Age: 54
Date of birth: October 30th, 1950. Scorpio.
Wand: 11in, Willow and Ashwinder Ash. Very firm, unyielding.
Alumni: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Gryffindor House.
Affiliation: Molly has affiliated herself with the Order of the Phoenix since before she even graduated from Hogwarts. Due to the growth of her family over Voldemort's reign, Molly was less active in the order than she would have liked to be, but she is always willing to help fellow members, or the MLE.
Father: Fredrick Prewett, deceased.
Mother: Ginevra Coy, deceased.
Siblings: Four older brothers - Feris, Primus, Fabian and Gideon. Two older sisters - Margarette and Rose. All deceased.
Spouse: Arthur Weasley
Children: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, Ron and Ginny, as well as any strays that might wander through her front door. Although Bill broke off the engagement, she considers Fleur to be her second daughter (or third, if you count Hermione!)
Other family: Molly maintains contact with her brother's sister, Muriel, the last remaining member of her Prewett family.
Relationships with each: With her parents dead at the end of a long-lived life, and each of her siblings killed as a result of Voldemort's reign, Molly has an almost fanatic hold on her family. Her relationship with Arthur is strong, with the occasional tense patch, and her children are her priority. Although she hasn't seen Percy for years, due to his loyalty to a flawed Ministry, she still loves and worries for him. Fred's disappearance has hit her harder than she lets on, and a large part of her still believes that her boy is alive somewhere. The same goes for her eldest son, Bill, who disappeared after the symptoms of his lycanthropy worsened.
Home: Molly is somewhat of a Witch housewife, devoting her time to the maintenence and care of the Weasley's home, The Burrow (Ottery St Catchpole, Devon), where they have lived since just after Bill was born. No other house would quite suit such an eclectic family.
Finances: The Weasleys are not a wealthy family, a combination of their status as blood traitors, and having so many mouths to feed. Things have picked up somewhat over the years, with Fred and George's budding business venture, but through a few skilled charms and rigorous re-mending of robes, Arthur and Molly try to get by without relying on their children.

History: Molly was born in 1950 to Fredrick and Ginevra Prewitt, the day before Halloween. The seventh child of the Prewitts, Molly was immediately doted on by her older siblings, as well as her parents. None of the attention left her spoilt, however, and she soon assumed the role of family caretaker. Her brothers, amused by their plucky younger sister scowling at their rumpled robes, humored her and encouraged this behavior. The twins Gideon and Fabian in particular, were delighted by Molly's antics and referred to her as their 'knee-high-nanny'. Her sisters, while at first put out and frustrated by Molly's constant fussing, eventually relaxed enough to allow her to mother them. When Ginerva died (Poisoned, fully investigated and declared tragically accidental) the year before Molly was to attend Hogwarts, she filled the suddenly vacant role of mother as a way to distract herself from the grief. To this day, should tragedy strike the Weasley family, Molly throws herself at menial household chores.

Starting Hogwarts in 1961, Molly quickly established herself as a Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration whiz to be reckoned with. She had little to no interest in other classes until, in her third year, she became slightly infatuated with a boy in the year above her. Soon, she was excelling in all of her classes, especially Defense against the Dark Arts, in the hopes of attracting the eye of one Arthur Weasley. Little did Molly know, as she strove to outshine her fellow classmates, Arthur was doing exactly the same to impress the pretty, red-haired third-year. Soon enough, the two were an item, one that was notorious for breaking curfew in order to engage in some late night, abandoned corridor activities.

In Molly's sixth year at Hogwarts her two eldest brothers, Feris and Primus, were reported missing from their positions as ministry Aurors. Within no more than a month, their bodies were discovered showing suspicious signs of having been touched by unforgivable curses. Molly was distraught that her family should suffer while she was in school, but stayed on due to the urging of both Arthur and her father. Molly's seventh year was a desperately unhappy one, made more so by Rose's disappearance. Her body, or traces of it, were never discovered. In a wizarding world gripped by a new threat, Molly's siblings were slowly being picked off by Voldemort and his followers.

Upon graduating, Molly moved back home to take care of her father, who had understandably taken ill as a result of his great loss. Since they had met, this was the only time she and Arthur had been apart, although they kept in touch daily by letters and occasional visits. Although she would never admit it, during this time, Molly had firmly decided she was going to marry Arthur for his patience and understanding alone.

As Voldemort's stranglehold continued to maintain it's grip, life for Molly, her father, and her remaining siblings calmed down to the point where they could accept their losses, and move on. Molly, having excelled in her final years of education, despite great personal loss, began to consider applying as an Auror, finally feeling as though she could avenge her brothers and sister. This new way to care for her family, however, was cut brutally short by the murders of Fabian and Gideon. The eventual report declared the twins had been discovered and captured on a routine infiltration mission, deep inside of Death Eater ranks. Voldemort himself had relished a hand in their demise, and so brutal was the result (and the following death of her father) Molly has never talked about it, not even to Arthur.

This latest blow led to the not unexpected death of her father in 1968, which was the last straw for Molly. With the blessing of the last of her kin, her sister Margarett, she and Arthur eloped and immediatley offered their services to the Order of the Phoenix. Arthur continued to work closely with the order right up until the first defeat of Voldemort, but when Molly became pregnant with the couple's first child in 1971, she once again found herself with a family that needed her. With Voldemort touching only the world outside her door, Molly and Arthur's family grew and grew, sfe first in their home, and then behind the walls of Hogwarts. By the time Voldemort fatefully made his way to Godric's hollow, six new Weasley boys had bee inflicted on the world, with a most welcome Weasley girl on the way.

Molly's family grew even further as her son Ron befriended Harry Potter, then Hermione Granger, both of which she loves as her own children. Happy to be the clean-up crew at the end of each of the trio's adventures, Molly continued her fretting and fussing, overcoming each hurdle thrown at her family, from Bill's brush with lycanthropy to Percy's unexpected betrayal. Fred's disappearance struck her hard and out of nowhere, a subject which she is still at great pains to talk about.

Currently, Molly is where she has always been, peeling onions and stewing jam in the tiny alley kitchen of the Burrow, opening her home to whoever needs a cup of tea and sympathy, and waiting for her boys (and girl) to come home.

Personality: Molly's personality swings like a pendulum from the happy, busy housewife and doting mother to a matriarch to be feared, ruling her house with iron fist and wand. The loss of her siblings has left her quite fragile when it comes to matters of her family, and although she often takes a stern tone with her children, she'd let them get away with anything if it meant keeping them close, safe, and happy. The same goes for her husband, although she's less likely to be so tolerant if she suspects he's presenting a bad role-model. She cares for anyone close to her, not just family, and will slap a plate of soup and a fresh loaf of bread down in front of anyone with the faintest hollow to their cheeks. Without straying into busybody, nagging territory, Molly jumps at any opportunity to fuss over those in need of a good mothering.
Marital Status: Married for 36 years.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
Strengths: When it comes to protecting her family, Molly is a force of nature. She's loay and devoted, loving, and wickedly efficient with a hex or two.
Weaknesses: Molly's biggest strength is he greatest weakness. She loves her family to the point of working herself into hysterics at the slightest hint of trouble.
Boggart: Her entire family, lifeless and hanging mid-air, murdered by Voldemort.
Patronus: A gigantic owl.
Mirror of Erised: Herself standing in a clean, quiet house, in front of a mantle covered in smiling, happy recent pictures of her family.
Amortentia Potion: Tea, burning kindling, onion soup, fresh linen and strangely...motor oil.
Miscellaneous: Although all of Molly's siblings died before their time, not all of them fell victim to Voldemort. Perhaps, the most tragic death of all was that of her sister Margarett, who died fleeing England and the crumbling British wizarding community. The airplane on which she was traveling, which she and Arthur had shared great excitement over, malfunctioned due to technical problems and the crash left no survivors. As a result of this, Molly is understandably wary of flying, and is rarely seen on even a broomstick.

Appearance: Short and kind-faced, Molly is usually the picture of a happy, rotund mother of a blossoming family.
Height: 5'6" (and shrinking, although she'll never admit it.)
Weight: 185, although she's dropped a little weight due to the stress of Fred and Bill's disappearance (much to Arthur's dismay.)
Hair: Formerly red and flaming, the years have added several somewhat elegant streaks of white.
Eyes: Brown.
Style of dress: Very eclectic. Leaving the traditional robes for Diagon Alley, Molly usually bustles around the house and the garden in a mish-mash of muggle and wizarding clothing. At least one part of her outfit is hand-knitted or crocheted, and her house-dresses are a veritable explosion of clashing patterns. Comfort and practicality over style, there' no point wearing Acromantula silk to weed the Fanged Geraniums.

PB: Ellen Burstyn

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